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Quasar is a cross-platform desktop application that displays web-based widgets on your desktop. Quasar takes full advantage of the Chromium engine to allow even for complex, fully dynamic web apps.

Quasar provides a WebSocket-based Data Server that is extensible by custom extensions. The Data Server is capable of processing and sending data to client widgets that would otherwise not be available in a purely web-based context, for example, your PC’s resource information such as CPU and memory usage, or your Spotify client’s now-playing information.

See Creating an Extension Quickstart and Extension API Reference for more information on how to create a Data Server extension, and Creating a Widget for building widgets.

Quasar is licensed under GPL-3.0.

System Requirements

An OS and computer capable of running Chrome.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 is required on Windows.

Getting Started

Download the latest release here, available as an installer or portable package for Windows x64.

Simply install or extract Quasar and run the application.

NOTE: A Windows SmartScreen warning may popup when running the installer, since Quasar does not have a code signing license. Click More info -> Run anyway to proceed with the installation.

The Quasar icon will then show up in your desktop’s notification bar. Right-click the icon, load your desired widgets, and enjoy! See Basic Usage for more details.

For developers who wishes to build a Data Server extension, or those who wants to create their own web widget, please refer to Quasar’s documentation at https://quasardoc.readthedocs.io. The documentation contains examples and other resources on how to build your first extension or widget.


Source code is available on GitHub.

Building on Windows

Visual Studio 2017 or later is required.

Qt 5.12 or later is required.

Build using the Visual Studio Solution file.

Building on Linux

Qt 5.12 or later, GCC 7+ or Clang 4+, and CMake 3.9+ is required.

Build using the supplied CMake project file.

Building on Mac

Quasar is written in cross-platform C++ and should build on Mac with minimal changes. However, it is currently untested and unsupported.

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